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Cataract Blue

Cataract Blue

The single existing relic of an unfinished project about vision, and the failure of vision (blindness - a reference back to James Joyce). This was a working painting for one of the diseases of the eye: 'Cataract Blue' (the others being Jaundiced Yellow and Bloodshot Red).

The black-grey oil paint was "polished off" whilst still wet, in a many-layered process that eventually left it as smooth as if it had been screen-printed. Over the years the oil has bled into the paper. Nb: This image was a composite of four separate scans, but it hasn't been retouched because it looks quite good like this. The quick remake, 2004.

This work and commissions are for sale.

Medium: Oil on paper, A3, 1995-6.
© copyright Rod McLaren, 1996