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Drill tests: blue/pink/green/red and brown/pink/red/green

Drill tests: blue/pink/green/red and brown/pink/red/green

15 drill-drawn circles in blue/pink/green/red, 15 in brown/pink/red/green. Here the drill is used at a higher speed, resulting in ink splashes in the paper.

The drill drawings were made by using pens and pencils in place of the drill bit (or more often, by fixing pens to a length of wooden dowel that was used instead of the drill bit). The drill is held, and the spinning pen lowered onto the paper. The image produced depends upon the speed of the drill, the orientation of the pens attached to the drill (and also the drill in the hands), and the nature of the ink in the pen. These were made for an incomplete 30 Years project. See also: others from the same project.

This work and commissions are for sale.

Medium: blue, pink, green, red and brown ink and red biro ink, A3, October 2001.
© copyright Rod McLaren, 2001