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James Joyce textportrait

James Joyce textportrait

A poor quality photo of a portrait of James Joyce.

Photoshop, Streamline, Illustrator Freehand and text-scanning software on Mac were used to render a black and white photo of Joyce into areas of pure black or white, into which some scanned (and uncorrected) text from Finnegans Wake was then flowed (riverrunned). Original photo looked like this. Only 2 of a planned edition of 3-5 were printed.

There were also textportraits of Roland Barthes (text from Death of the Author) Jacques Derrida (text probably from 'White Mythology'), but like James Joyce, these are locked inside very old software and hardware technology, so will perhaps never be seen again printed from their original files.

This work and commissions are for sale.

Medium: Black and white photocopy, A0-sized, 1995.
© copyright Rod McLaren, 1995