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Witold Riedel meets Robert Smithson

Witold Riedel meets Robert Smithson

Today, Robert Smithson's Untitled (Antarktis Circular Map), 1967 is compared with Witold Riedel's 360x360x006, 2003.

The Smithson drawing was found quite by accident; Witold explains the 360 drawing like this:

it is sometimes just nice to give in and be tempted and just press the expensive virtual buttons on some palette somewhere deep in the interface of a program and just let the programmers take over. Let them drive...
And then the results might be something like the little drawing below. (A first attempt to use symbols in Adobe Illustrator 10...)
They look interesting together.

See also Riedel's awesome and painstakingly detailed Complex Drawings, one, two and three. Somehow, they're like Tullio Pericoli meets Italo Calvino inside the mind (sic) of Mitch Resnick's self-organising slime mould. He explains them:

They are drawings that grow organically rather than following classic composition rules. The drawings begin with certain centers of energy (their number and location varies) and then grow from these, until a critical mass is reached. There are certain rules in these drawings, like the drawing direction, numbers of parallels, gravity.

Copyrights: Witold Riedel and Robert Smithson.