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September 16, 2003


I also have a new illustrated version of Invisible Cities and have recently linked this site to mine:


My book, entitled "Invisible Cities: A Metaphorical Complex Adaptive System", is a work of creative non-fiction that uses the content and unusual narrative structure of Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” as a starting point for an exploration of the principles of complex adaptive systems. The goals of the book are to provide a novel and accessible means of contextualizing existing knowledge within an interdisciplinary framework and to demonstrate how art and science inform each other.

I'd love to hear from others who are inspired by and work on Invisible Cities.

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I know this comment was left in Jan, but yes, I was inspired to look at the concept of invisible cities and the work of C.P. Cavafy the Greek poet, and melded my ideas of into an idea which I think of as a "city of influence", which I made into a manuscript and published with prints by the Irish Painter Gavin Hogg.

I recently composed a suite for improvising brass ensemble, percussion, and bass, inspired by Calvino's Invisible Cities. It appears on the album Invisible Cities and Other Works by the 5+2 Brass Ensemble (Rufus Records Sydney Australia distributed by Universal)
You can listen to samples at www.peterknightmusic.com/5plus2

Thought I might take the liberty of putting up a link to my blog which contains 55 watercolours, one for each Invisible Cities chapter which I have done in the last two months.


Carl Leroy-Smith

There's an illustrator named Helen Friel who has done some illustrations for Octavia (thin city 5)


I have been inspired by IC a little while ago, as a friend mentioned this work. The reading was IMHO a fantastic journey; I did an attempt to describe how at some point I was emotionally responding to the city I was, and currently am, leaving in.


If the gargoyles of Morosia inspire you, feel free to create your visuals!

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