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December 10, 2003


On a point related to the camphone quality, photography pundit Thom Hogan thinks camphones will kill the low end digital camera market: http://bythom.com/2004predictions.htm (about 3/4 of the way through). By low end he means anything with less than a 3 megapixel resolution.

Ah, hail the magnificent Stru.

Agree with Thom's predictions (worth a read), and would not be at all suprised to hear that Nokia, Sharp and Samsung are already the leading digital camera companies by low-end units shipped, but can't find any stats on that yet.

However, two possible caveats:

(1) good cams in phones are possibly opening up new user behaviour (and therefore a "market" in a very broad sense) rather than stealing marketshare from lower-end cameras. For many people, it's not that they're leaving their camera at home these days because their sparky new phonecam now does the job - in fact they never carried a camera with them daily anyway (and perhaps this is what TomHume is implying)

(2) "low end" may be redefined as something better featured than <=3megap in 3 years time, which may keep "low-end" ahead of mobiles. For a while.

Hi Rod

Can't find contact info anywhere but am interested in your walk lines work for the Underground map - I am involved at a strategic level in London walking matters - has your work been developed and where is the base data from? etc. etc.

Get in touch!



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