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January 14, 2004


Internet politics as direct,electronic moral soveriegnty (initiative, referrendum, recall)
that comes from the bottom-up and then supported from the top down as follows:

Civic Virtue Network Commons

1)mutual benfits Guild vs profits through firing

2)distance learning Academy vs debt prosperity

3)hands-up Councils vs racial and religious

4 shared responsibility Co-op vs media cartel

This could be a home-based, insourcing, opprotunity society that integrates work (Guild)
with parenthood (Academy) and civic life (Councils), electronically (Co-op).

In 2004, the USA is the largest debtor-nation
that makes slaves out of its citizens. How do these citizens overcome, restore and renew from
such a burden of debt? Do the move away?

Here are some examples of direct, electronic, moral sovereignty of, by and for the citizens of the USA to overcome corporate debt, institutional debt, mortgage debt and consumer debt:

1) Guild, federal investment tax credit (home-
2) Academy, state tuition tax exemption (home
3) Councils, corporate private voucher systems
(house church)
4) Co-op, household time-talent-treasure (home
area network)

What we have in the USA in 2004 is unrestrained,arrogant greed that influences criminally-irresponsible and willfully-ignorant
power with the result of a consumer religion enforced by an entertainment ethic with cheap sex, violence and a dehumanizing, anti-moral agenda (sex and violence sell).

What this can mean are these policy tools that
Howard Dean could use as President with the need coming from the bottom-up:

1) Guild: need into equity federal credit
2) Academy power into parity state exemption
3) Councils: greed into charity corporate voucher
4) Co-op: isolation into unity household fair-
shared sacifice of time-talent-treasure

1) Guild: skills sessions, buying/barter club,
debit/savings union

2) Academy: mixed-media library with on-line,

3) Councils: cultural literacy meals with a
voting-record/direct democracy

4) Co-op: desktop production and distribution
strong, moral content

1) Guild: phone-faxing with office suite
2) Academy: Internet with browser
3) Councils: talk-radio with groupware
4) Co-op; TV with a portal Web site

Guild as need into equity worker-owernship

Academy as power into parity scholar-ownership

Councils as greed into charity citizen staketholdership

Co-op as isolation into harmony and unity
member-owner-subscriber ownership

In 2004 the USA is dominated by media cartel,
electronic highway robber barons who want to make us slaves to entertainment, buying, banking, information and education.

The Granger movement in the USA was a response
to the hardship caused by the Industrial Robber Barons. A Great Womens'Movement and William Jennings Bryan brought the Granger Cases to the U.S. Supreme Court that caused Congress to pass and the President to sign the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (Microsoft Cases)

The concentration of wealth (Mammon) and power (Caesar) in the USA faces The Author of History who uses necessity to craft virtue from extreme sin. Consider the following:

1) manufacturing recession (CEO's exporting

2) engergy crisis (power grid blackout, high gas
and gasoline princes

3) pandemics like AIDS

4) drought with wildfires

5) tech-telecom bust

6) war against terrorism

7) corporate, institutional, mortgage and consumer

Hence local-control and co-operative self-help development to overcome, restore and renew from
need (God) overcoming power (Caesar) and greed

Yes, there is a God, He is our Creator and He
owns our souls. "In God,We Trust."

CVW - Civic Virtue Network Advocate

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