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January 07, 2004


hello ,
i am student of engineering and i would like to know about construction of underground network and how it was constructed so can you please send me information about this please.
thanking you

The metabolic cycle isn't contained by a single body. The minimum, self-sustaining cycle is an entire ecosystem. Sometimes steps of the loop occur inside a body, sometimes a step has to cross a body, and the way it crosses bodies is by one body eating another body. Chemical communication. Chemical matter. Lemon is an important step in the cycle. You're tasting the metabolic cycle when you eat lemon, you're looking along it, longways. Humans are spliced into the loop, a stretch of road between freeway junctions. But that's not important. What I mean to say is this: http://www.kottke.org/remainder/04/07/5968.html#13876

Dear Sirs,

We are representing a publishing house from Republic of Moldova (ARC Publishing House) which activates on Moldavian market since 1994.

We inform you that at this moment our publishing house works on the publishing of an Explanatory Illustrated Dictionary of the Romanian Language.

Our goal is to insert at the end of this dictionary a colored page with
the drawing of the TGV train that is followed by a more detailed description.

We look for a picture that would be presented as a scheme (architectural
plan) of the train with all sections (bar, WC, first class room, second
class room etc.) and with the correctly names of all its sections and

In case you dispose of this drawing, please let us know your financial conditions.

We are ready to conclude with you a contract (in case it would be the necessary one for our dictionary) for the permission of use it in our Romanian dictionary.

We hope to receive a positive answer from your part as soon as possible.

Yours respectfully,
Stela Iesanu
Rights manager
ARC Publishing House

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