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April 18, 2004


i love this effect
wish I could find a tutorial on it for photoshop or something
I want to use it for my typography class
but I am newb graphic designer and learn best by tutorial

Brandon I can't remember exactly how it was done - it was 1995 ish! But it will be something like:

1. turn a photo into areas of black and white by dialling the contrast up a hell of a lot and doing a fair bit of manual cleanup (in Photoshop)
2. turn the resulting picture into a path (I'd used Streamline but I bet Photoshop does it these days)
3. use that path as a custom text box into which all the text is flowed... (I used Freehand, but Illustrator or Indesign will be much more capable 15 years later!)

I like this - Been looking for something like this to use in some artwork I'm doing right now - so thanks!!

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