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August 18, 2004


Cool - were you able to create this post from the Blackberry ? Anyone out there is also cordially invited to visit the new look www.russcoff.typepad.com

specific blackberry question alert! so could i check my pop3 email account which is hosted by my isp on a blackberry? or does it have to be an exchange/notes server??

hello Russ,
I didn't write it from the Blackberry itself, but no doubt you could because Typepad and most blogging tools will probably let you update via email. Or you could try browsing to the Typepad website with the Blackberry browser. PS: those eager to get straight along to Russcoff's parking ticket polemics will get better mileage out of this address: http://russcoff.typepad.com

hello Matt,
Believe you can't get pop3 or Imap email on a Blackberry yet - which is a bit annoying isn't it? Our understanding is that it currently has to connect to an exchange or notes server. Perhaps this will change in future. Which would be good because they're quite moreish!

I know T-Mobile do a 'consumer' package for the Blackberry. Round about £13/month. From what I could gather, T-Mobile would log into to your POP3 account, and then push email to your blackberry.

I think o2 offered a similar package.

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