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October 29, 2004


Not all night buses go through Trafalgar Square, although the introduction of "24 hour routes" rather than N-prefixed routes does confuse people trying to find this sort of thing out.

Off the top of my head, though, the N19 and N271 don't go to Trafalgar Square.

everyone knows this is the smallest police station, but the actual exact centre of london is the milestone at charing cross station

Well, *I* didn't know about the smallest police station. But now I do, thanks to Rodcorp!

Anyway I digress. I really wanted to say that the link to comments on Ben Hammersley's site http://www.benhammersley.com/archives/004761.html isn't working. I'd be very happy if you could point me towards the comments you mentioned, because I have a deep and longstanding interest in the centres of continents.

The N38 doesn't, either.

i have heard of a nose on admiralty arch,do you know where it is and why it is there.thanks

I know where the nose is! If you travel up the Mall as if by car it is on the central support at about 2.5m above the road. It is lifesize, but I have no idea of the history behind it.

I know where the nose is! If you travel up the Mall as if by car it is on the central support at about 2.5m above the road. It is lifesize, but I have no idea of the history behind it.

Does anybody know where abouts nancys steps are located, I have an idea it may be round abouts the london bridge?

Nancy's steps, where in Dickens's Oliver Twist Noah Claypole hears the conversation which led to Nancy's death (http://www.novelexpeditions.com/trip_dickens.html ), run from Tooley street up the west side of the London Bridge itself. Pictures of the steps:

So which is it? are distances measured from Charing Cross or King Charles' staute. I am a tour guide and have always been told it was in trafalgar square.

Hi Tracy,

You correctly point out that my post is a bit confusing on the location! I think you're right: Trafalgar Square.

It's a couple of years since I wrote that so the memory grows brittle, but I'm pretty sure that the mileages are measured from the *original site* of the cross - ie: where that plaque is at the foot of the King Charles statue at the bottom of Trafalgar Sq - rather than from the replica cross just outside Charing Cross station.

So that paragraph above would have been a bit less ambiguous if it had read like this:

"When Queen Eleanor of Castile died in 1290, Edward I commissioned twelve crosses, each at one of the stopping places on her body's procession from Lincoln to Westminster. The original cross was replaced, then demolished (the stone being re-used used to make paving along Whitehall, round the corner, and in 1863 a rather ornate version - not strictly a replica - was put up in front of Charing Cross railway station, a couple of hundred yards away); [however, despite the cross's demolition,] mileage distances on road signage are still measured from this point."

interesting little discussion. i know of a few more 'secret police stations' in london though. according to this site -- http://www.londondrum.com/ -- the rooms inside wellington arch used to house a small police station. (although compared to the one in trafalgar square it was positively spacious!) and the three narrow rooms inside marble arch once acted as a staging post for coppers to come running out at the height of the hyde park riots.

Check this out for a small police station !

I'd like to think that the small, secret police stations are staffed only by small, secretive police officers.

(And staging post during Hyde Park riots sounds a bit more like hiding place.)

CAn someone give me exact directions to William Wallace's memorial in Smithfield London

The psychogeographical centre - the Omphalos:


Make of that what you will!

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