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November 15, 2004


I think I've been slightly misrepresented. In fact, I AM impressed by Paul Noble's drawings. My criticisms in the paragraphs you picked out are aimed at planners, not Noble. The reason Noble hasn't dignified his drawings with real people is because he's acknowledging that designing a city on paper is a fantasy unsullied by real people. The turd people are a metaphor for what happens to the planners' pristine, egomaniacal plans.

Justin McGuirk, icon

Our apologies Justin, we must have misread and misunderstood your chartered survey of Nobson Newton.

Is there ever urban planning that successfully acknowledges real life? If Brasilia doesn't, then maybe the community behind the labyrinthine battlements and ramparts of the Barbican, London's steganographic Alphaville, does. But if so, has it succeeded the way the Barbican planners originally imagined? - perhaps this is your point.

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