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December 08, 2004


Can somebody tell me Murakami's e-mail address?
Thx a lot!

I would also like a contact for Murakami please. Preferably e-mail since he stated that he mostly reads those.

Well, since its been ages and no one responds to our comments, then I will assume that Murakami has no cares for his fan base and it makes me like him less.

To be fair Anna, I think that all you can assume from this is that Murakami hasn't seen this page (and perhaps might not be in the habit of publishing his email address on the internet even if he did see it).

If you want to make contact with him, why not contact his publisher? That's the usual way to get in touch with an author.

I had to give MY e-mail address to publish this! I tried sending a letter with some spelling corrections for Kafka on the Shore to Mr. Murakami's publisher, but it was returned to me, because the info. that I found is not current. Anyway, I was just trying to help him by pointing out errors that his editor made...but since there is no way to find any mode of current contact or an up to date publisher online that nevermind. I'll have to write my own book and make sure that it doesn't include spelling errors instead.

I guess I'll contact Murakami's publisher. Thx. :)

When I find the publisher info. that is...

Well, I wrote my book, and I hope that there aren't any spelling errors in it. However, punctuation could be a problem. I'm sure that Murakami's publishers read his mss thoroughly, but maybe they aren't paying enough attention to grammar. Anyway, he's a great writer, and one that I look up to. :)

*a few spoilers* Keep in mind that Murakami's new novel After Dark is now available from Random House. I am on page 62 and I only started reading this morning and picked it up off and on...which makes me very sad, because I know its going to be a fast read. However, I will stretch it out for as long as possible. So far, I am encouraged by his work, because from reading the synopsis I had an expectation that Murakami was selling out to a sensationalist approach. A novel with a model who sleeps her life away and a sister who stays out all night at Denny's seemed like the perfect stage for sensationalism. I was surprised to find out that Murakami took the lead again and surprised me with a more modern Kenzaburo Oe type of voice, instead of garnering cheap thrills with exorbitant themes. So far, he does an excellent job of creating interesting characters and capturing the nuances of the city after dark.

Just a quick comment, I hope that Murakami is planning a sequel to After Dark, because it would be nice to find out more about what happens to the characters. I wished that the book was longer and I would consider it his lightest read yet.

Anna - I just finished "After Dark" myself an hour ago, haha - yeah, it was a quick read, and one of his lightest works... And definitely not my favorite... but ah well. I would love to get in contact with Murakami as well... I'm absolutely in love with him! Reading all his works has just been amazing! He must be a genius, I'm sure of it. Now I'm just browsing the internet reading interviews by him and other stuff.

Random House has stated that they won't give out authors' email addresses. There has to be some other way to find his email address. I mean, how can he answer fan emails if fans can't email him?

Yeah, I'm not in love with him, I started reading him in high school after a friend recommended his work. I fell into his world and felt like I could relate to his prose. However, I've never felt seduced by a novelist or amazed by one. I think that people are capable of anything and that there are writer's out there who have yet to push the limits of what it means to be a great writer. So far, the classics have been most compelling to me, but I think that Murakami's work will become classic literature...in a slightly more offbeat genre like Kerouac. Anyway, the best people are impossible to get in touch with, I could go out and find a paperback novelist in any bookstore and get a signature, but Murakami is truly hard to find. It makes me more interested...so sad how that works, isn't it?

I think that the whole point is that Murakami thinks that he is above working for his fans. He doesn't seem to care about the people who buy his books, because its a pain. Whatever, I have more respect for people who have contact with fans through any medium.

Anna, perhaps he can no longer read and reply to fan emails because, say, there are a many more fans and emails these days (on which topic see Neal Stephenson on Why He's Not a Good Correspondent http://www.nealstephenson.com/content/author_bad.htm ), or because his english isn't good enough, or for some other personal reason, or because Random House have made a unilateral decision, or... who knows, right? It seems a bit harsh to damn him just because it isn't trivially easy to get into an email conversation with him.

Perhaps correspondents could write to him care of Random House rather than merely asking for his personal email address. That sort of thing usually works better.

I tried writing him care of his publisher and it never worked. I give up. Its not worth the time and effort. I can't be a fan of his.

I don't want to send him a letter anymore.

I have just read"kafka on the shore" and It really left me speechless for a while.I liked it so much and I think it is a great piece of work.For me it was not just a novel, it revealed alot to me.I could feel every word of it and I think I even managed to read between the lines.so cleverly written

Anna said: "or because his english isn't good enough"...wtf....he translated more than 30 books from english to japanese...i think you should write something about him until speeking...
he's a great writter..hi's my favourite..his books are amaizing..it would be great if i could send him en e-mail...

oh..and Anna...he's reciving hundreds of e-mails...he's a normal person..he can't answer all the time to all...take it easy
this is not a reason to stop reading murakami's books or liking him less

I have just finished reading "Kafka on the shore". This book is more then good, it's genuine and it teaches you a few things about yourself.
Like some of you who posted yheir comments here, my reaction was that I'd really like to talk to Mr. Murakami so I looked in Google and here I am.
I think I would have a few things to tell him, that he would understand, and maybe enjoy. Esspecially about cats.
I hope he enters this web page some times.

I wrote a letter to him after reading his autoportrait (in French).. but havenĀ“t send it out yet.. I am looking for his address (postal or email..) i am not sure if I should send it to his publisher in the USA (Random house?)..

Dear Mr. Murakami,

Today I visited my brother who lives in the North of Israel and has many cats living with him, his wife and 4 children.
One cat named Adolph, who has a small mustache like that crazy guy from Germany,was very friendly to my small son Tom, who is 5 years old, and let Tom carry him around and play with him.
I couldn't help thinking how very kind Adolph was, letting Tom pick him up and pat him, when Tom is totally uneducated concerning cats and their preferances.
I know, Mr. Murakami, that you were here, in Israel, and I read your speech in the newspaper and liked it. I know many people would either not come, or if they did, would conform with their hosts and say how much they admire them and understand them. I think you were kind enough to both speak your mind, but also keep your nails hidden when we picked you up, a beat like Adolph was kind to Tom. Maybe, because he is so young.
I just thought that the story of Tom and Adolph might intrest you, and anyway, I couldn't think of anyone else who would find it interesting enough to ponder on.
I read "After Dark" recently and liked it. I don't need a sequance, just waiting for your next book.

to whom I may concern,

recently I ve read the new Haruki Murakami book What I talk about, when I talk about running. I am huge fan of master Murakami. I already started to translate his book in to Slovak language. I would like to ask Mr. Murakami regarding the right to publish my Slovak translation of his book in edition of 500 books. I would like to do it on my own expenses, just as the bibliophile edition.

My question regarding my endeavor is, what I need to provide, or how I can get consent of Mr. Murakami, to be successful with my effort.

Thanks for your help,


Jozef Kirst, Attorney at Law in Slovakia

email: [email protected]


Mr Murakami

I just finished my 3rd 21k race Sunday and a fellow runner mentioned bits and pieces about your inspiring story on running. I am now 51 and I will run my first 42k marathon February 2010. I plan to read your book What I talk about when I talk about running and I am confident it will help me apply the mind-body relationship for my long runs and my triathlon training. Happy Holidays!

Dear Mr. Murakami,

It's me. Ron, again.

I just finished "a wild sheep chase", again, and I'm in a strange mood.

It's Easter here, in Berlin, and my family, that came here to spend Passover with me, are back in Israel since Wednesday, and I am here totally alone, in my 8th floor apartment overlooking Charlotenburg, writing to you.

7 days from now, I am going to Lapland. To Kittila, in Finland. I was in Lapland 20 years ago, in it's Swedish part, and spent a week in the wilderness with a friend, walking around.

When I read about the 12 waterfalls it reminded me of the views I saw, then.

I think it's very lucky there are people like you that take us away, for a while, from the everyday noise and confusion.

I'll think of you when I'm in Lapland.

Yours sincerely,

I was a little off kilter when I wrote that stuff before. I don't expect Mr. Murakami to respond to fan mail or e-mails. I really like his books, especially Norwegian Wood!

I am Phuong, a Vietnamese. I've just read your "The Sputnik lover". I see that i am fully similar to Sumire. And I am afraid.

i can now understand why Murakami wouldn't want direct contact with his fans. I think he's a great author.

yesterday have seen a movie version of "norwegian wood' in japanese language with norwegian subtitles.
knowing that i don't understood either of languages, I went to the movie as just HAD TO see it, as I liked the book so much, and it helped to go through internal struggles (as it is referred to "unstable twenties")

Thank you Mr. Murakami!

i think the movie was very well impressing the general mood of the book, and all audience was quite and thrilled from start till last call of Watanebe to Midori

Best regards,

Yulia Pidlisna
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Murakami,

I watch the news on the several desasters that have striken Japan recently, and at the end, I got to thinking of you, again.

I wonder what you are doing in such times. One thing I am sure about, that you don't go on with your business, as usual.

Most of the news only talk about the damaged nuclear reactors, and the potential radiation threat, but, some, not so many, show simple people looking for lost relatives, watching the ruins of their homes and cities, and it's really heart breaking.

I just wanted to let you know that my heart is with you, in such time.

Yours truthfully,


when i started to read yours books i tought: you are a friend of mine. Do you belive it? i don't know...i send to you this message in the bottle.
Te lo dico anche in italiano, nella speranza che qualcuno traduca per te. Sono italiana, sarda per l'esattezza. Viaggio in tutto il mondo col mio compagno e scrivo dei miei strani viaggi, sempre con animo incantato e disincantato allo stesso tempo. Ho tutti i tuoi libri ma questo non e' indicativo perche' ho anche tutti i libri di Elias Canetti, Singer e di tanti altri autori. Quando mi piace un autore leggo tutto cio' che e' possibile. Non voglio diventare famosa attraverso te, non mi interessa. Allo stesso modo ti dico: non ho nessun mito, nessun personaggio da venerare. Avrei solo voglia di scambiare pensieri. Immagino sia praticamente quasi impossibile. .. Io ci provo lo stesso. Parlo inglese, francese e italiano. Parlo meglio di quanto scrivo. Bene... ho fatto la pazzia del giovedi'. Saluti da Lussemburgo.

Hello there!
I just want to know one thing about the book 1Q84.
Why these "little people" made a air dool from the Ushikawa?
There's no answer for that, so I think the writer should write the extension, the fourth book :)
Radev Jelena- Belgrade, Serbia

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