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December 06, 2004


Does Oscar still show up to the office? He is so old. I would love to work there after this summer. How do I contact the office? who will take over the office when Oscar cannot work any more?

does anyone knows how can I contact Oscar Niemeyer?
Does he have an email address?

I wish to get a contact number or email for Oscar Niemayer

i´m algerian,living in rio,i just would like to contact oscar niemeyer,by email or make an appointment with him,only for 10 minutes,regarding a social work,is there is any chance to do so?please.

Hi All,

This is my first blog... I am an Art + Drama teacher at a school in Nottingham.
I have been asked to research an art project for a Brazil theme week with the year 7 group ( 11-12 year olds).
I am enormously impressed by the work of Oscar Niemeyer and think that his work and ideals would be exciting and inspiring for my youngsters. Does anyone know if I can email his office to show the children's work to the team, or to shout hello from 170 children to the great Oscar?

Thanks Lindsey Holmes

I also would like to contact Oscar Niemeyer
to see if we have common genealogical roots.
My Niemeyer family (Johann Dietrich) emigrated from Lehmdermoor, North Germany (Niedersachsen) to Texas in the 1850s.

I need the e-mail address of Mr. Oscar Niemeyer. I was asked to invite him to a challenging project in India.

Heitor Sandreschi, Sri Mayapur, WB India.

Dear people,

Since years I tried to contact Mr. Oscar Niemeyer.
Just to thank him once again for his friendly reception in his office at the Champs Elysées in Paris.
And to wish him all the best.

According to several Websites, he is still and very actively working.
Is it possible you can and will transmit my message to Mr. Oscar Niemeyer?

Thanks for your attention.

Charles Destrée (1926).
[email protected]

Hi I'm from Australia.. Can i get his e-mail address? I'm doing a research of him for my uni project.. Thank you..

i wish to contact Judita Hirsch.

jason thomas

[email protected]

How can i contects with Oscar Niemeyer?

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