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December 08, 2004



Mr. Roth:

I am a writer, living in rural Manitoba, Canada. Just finished reading "Plot Against America" and was intrigued by your references to Winnipeg, the city I was born in and raised. (Until I chose the quiet, rural scene). Have you connections to Winnipeg? Winnipeg has a very large and vibrant Jewish Community and thought perhaps you either visited or had relatives here.

Joanne Knowles

Dear Mr. Roth,
You probably won't remember this but...many years ago I met you in New York. I was working my way through grad school as a receptionist at Dr. Robt. Spalten's dental firm. You were a patient. You walked up to my desk one day and said something to me which impressed me greatly and I responded, "Why Mr. Roth, I think you must be as smart as my father!" Do you remember what you said? You just smiled sweetly and said, "No, my dear, I may have done some great things in my life but I've never claimed to be as smart as a little girl's father." I've told that story many, many times since then. Even yesterday...to my therapist. She loved it! I've never forgotten it. and you. Thanks, Jeriann

Hi, Mr Roth.I need to exchange an e-mail with you.This would be the greatest favor in my life

Mr.Roth ,

I've been reading a magazine about American authors ,together with my son of 14 years old , who is now reading James Joyce's book , "The portrait of a young artist", and he got very interested about your work.
We do spend a lot of our time reading , and he has a strong interest in writing . At this moment of our lives , we are living in Brasil , São Paulo , but we are moving to Canada , Vancouver , by the end of this year .
I was wondering if it will be possible for you , to give me an idea what it will be the best choice from your fictions , for him to start reading it.
Please , forgive me for my English , I am from Brasil , and English is not my first language , but my son is fluent in English .
Thank you for your attention .
Sincerely , maria.

Dear Mr. Roth:

While in New York in the late 1980's I purchased a painting by your brother Sandy entitled "A Time for Art," from a gallery in Soho. The front of the painting carries a large "ROTH" in black capital letters. The back is signed "S. Roth" and dated "9/86." This dramatic 6' x 6' painting graces my living room wall.

I once attended a showing of your brother's art in San Francisco (likely, circa 1990) but have not seen or heard of any of his work or showings ever since.

Can you tell me (i) how he is, and (ii) where I might find other examples of his work - - which I adore.

Indeed, I love your work too. Thank you. Larry

I well remember acquaintaince with you thirty or so years ago when I was working at the Hickory Stick bookshop in WashingtonDepot.
My husband Bill helped you out once in a while.
It is my sincere hope that all is well with you and that you still abide and enjoy your lovely place in Connecticut.
Best Wishes.

Recently watched a movie called The Human Stain and want very much to purchase your book of the same name. Would you please tell me where I can purchase this book in Nova Scotia Canada. I am from a very small country area with limited book stores. My nearest city is Halifax.
Thank you for your time
Take care

I am from India. I am doing research on your works. My topic of research is 'blurring of fiction and reality in Roth's fiction'.Will you please tell me why exactly do blur reality with fiction?
Chandra Shekhar

What the hell? This isn't a Philip Roth page? The man probably has never even SEEN this page.

And let me tell ya, if Roth DOES have an email-- which I doubt-- ain't none of US getting it.

And if you want to buy a book-- look on Amazon! GEEZ!

Stay calm Tonya.

pull yourself together Tonya.

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