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December 07, 2004


eBay is the evil, it encourage the low life to manifest itself and prey on the honest, respectful, genuine folk and disolution, insult and weaken.
eBay should be dissolved. and be brought to justice.

What? Have a word with yourself young man, eBay is what you make it. You are very disolutioned with life and seek to be rich like Pierre otherwise why come to this site? I wish id thought of eBay.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, Tathagata Ray, have received my Master’s degree in Biotechnology and would like to extend my knowledge further. The revered Cambridge University, UK, has provided me with the opportunity to do so. I have been offered PhD in Biochemistry. My research interest revolves around the biochemistry of “Photosynthesis”, the nucleus of global energy web. I want to apply my knowledge to overcome the global food and environmental problems.
The only constraint that is preventing me from pursuing my goal is a financial one.
It is not that I promise miracles, but I would definitely like to leave behind my mark in terms of my efforts. My father works in a private organization and he has catered for all our needs very efficiently and effectively. But studying abroad requires a lump some amount of money, which is beyond his scope. So with due respect, I would like to apply for a sponsorship which would impart my dreams a concrete shape. I will forever be obliged to you for your consideration, and pledge to respond by serving mother earth with the knowledge I acquire.
An opportunity can completely change my life. It is not that I castigate my present situation but the urge to do better must be present in every human. I being a member of that race am also no exception. Education according to me is not the mere loads of bookish knowledge that has no pragmatic implementation. A knowledge of that sort sinks into oblivion with passage of time. Implementation of knowledge is more important. I believe that I am obligated to use my knowledge in a constructive manner that benefits society. And for that I believe confidence is the key factor. I have selected Cambridge University not only for its world-class research standard but also to strengthen the confidence already in me.
From very childhood I was a sedulous student. The very urge of reaching the sky was embedded in me. It was the devastating flood in 1996[in North Bengal] that had an indelible impact upon me. During the catastrophe I had seen the extent of natural fury and ‘pain of hunger’ as its aftermath. This situation helped me resurrect the desire to go to the crux of the problem and kill it at the root. I selected Microbiology in my bachelor’s degree and Biotechnology as my Master’s subject only to go deep into the fundamental aspects of life science. I have maintained high First Class throughout my academic career and that probably speaks a bit about my instinct and ability to attain my dreams. I feel education is the implementation of one’s learning into practice for the welfare of others and a proper flow of education can change the present face of the world.
For me, “Glory to serve others” will always get higher priority than money or, fame. I want to work at the grass route level. I am from a far-flung village of Eastern India. I dream of a day when my village people back in my place will be proud of me, not because of my degree, but because of my work.
I suppose I have been able to put forward my views in a humble manner without hurting the views and ideologies of any one. The crux of this application boils down to the application for sponsorship due to my financial; constraints and my urge to excel in my field of interest. I hope that you will understand the graveness of the situation and your cooperation regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Tathagata Ray,
1/1, 9th C cross, 14th main;
E-mail- [email protected]; [email protected]
Phone no. - 09886110562

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