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December 09, 2004


It is amazing that Ricardo Semler in his twenties demonstrated so much wisdom.

I am a mechanical engineer. My entire career I devoted to engineereing education and conformed to its conservative culture. It took me about four decades to rebel against centuries of educational tradition and develop a new learning model for tertiary education in engineering which is similar in concept to Ricardo's philosopies.

The model is based on collaborative learning with a major project as curriculum. Students are working on projects that they are passionate about and instead of rigid classes in a 'closet' we conduct meetings using public libraries or other institution locations. Students form community of learners. A lecturer becomes a member of this community. Knwoledge is shared and all ideas are valued. It works well if students are committed to learning.

Ricardo's attitude to put people's happiness first rather than company's profit is commendable and I am planning to integrate his philosophy in the engineering studies context.

As an employee its a desire of everybody to work in such boss like Ricardo Semler.
i highly appriceate his steps and no doubt he become the modle to every body.
As an IT professional i will love to work with him if i get chance.

semler iz awz he iz my idle i wana be like him.....

who is ricardo semler?

Semler is the best leader in the world according to me. In my opinion he followed the traditional management structure but it was hidden. and which made the organisation culture free.

I am not getting a clear picture of the salary system. It appears that an individual has to decide a salary for himself, which would become public. There could be some people who might agree with it, and some who would not. How is the salary decided in such cases?

VB: teams set their budgets and targets. If you set your salary too high-- and/or the team thinks it can get your work done cheaper by someone else-- you're out. So there's peer pressure to be reasonable. It's a genius system.

And before you ask "what if the whole team agrees to inflate it's own salary"-- ignoring for the moment that this just doesn't seem to happen (this is how my company works, so I speak from experience) -- the company sets overall profitability goals. If you can pay yourself a ton AND hit those goals, that's called being a superstar and you probably deserve it.

Hi We are implementing this in our organisation & even if we acheive 10-15% of what Semco has done it will be great. Journey is tough but we have begun .

Gurpreet Singh Siviya

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