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February 15, 2005


Hi Bill Murray I always wanted to meet you because you are a great actor. I am so exited to talk to you this is my message:I love the movie Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 you were a great ghostbuster playing Dr. Peter Venkman. Ghostbusters 2 is awesome I like the titanic part and when Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson sprayed slime all over the statue of liberty to make it come to life. You are a great actor.Bye Bill I llooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee YOU! bye.

Hello Bill. I'm writing you to thank you for all the great films you've made and those groundbreaking years at Saturday Night Live. Lost in Translation was spectacular, you deserved the Oscar for sure.

But, that isn't why I'm writing. You starred in Where the Buffalo Roam many years ago. You were perfect for the role of Hunter S. Thompson. I saw the movie when it first came out, I think I was 12. It was before I had actually read Hunter's books. When I finally read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I knew there was something amazing about him. Then I started reading Hell's Angels, Generation of Swine, etc. It became an obsession.

But more than that the man was brilliant, a literary genius, a mentor to many of us. It seemed as if he was fearless, he would write things most of us would be scared to write about for the rest of our lives. He was a self professed adrenaline junkie, a political junkie, a gun nut, a sports nut, the man was pretty insane. He was notorious for binge drinking and drugs. But he was a genius too.

I don't like the way his final chapter ended, but it was his story. I knew I would be sad when he died, but I didn't think it would be so suddenly. And now, why now. But by the time I had a chance to ask that question, Dr. Gonzo was gonzo.

After that last awful election in November, I felt hopeless, so I went to the bookstore and bought, Hey Rube. His writing always seemed to help, here was a man that felt the same way as I did. He was wise, enlightening, he dug through the bullshit and found the truth. Now he is gone and there will never be anyone like him.

Maybe he was trying to get us all to wake up, stop being such pussies, take the power back. Our democracy is on wobbly legs right now, and W is telling Russia-"you need more democracy". They think Iraq can become a democracy, while billions of dollars a day is sent over there. We really need Hunter right now.

I'm sorry I'm rambling on and on. I don't even know if you're going to read this.

I guess my point is that, I miss Hunter already. There is a huge void that can't be filled.

I read the ESPN.com article where he called you at 3 in the morning. Then I realized, you where the first person to bring this legend to life for me(in the movie). You were also one of the last people that talked with him before he left in such a hurry. You knew the man, I only new the legend. I'm sure you're even sadder than I am.

I love all your movies, Bill. You always make me laugh, and that's important in these somewhat gloomy times. I just wanted to thank you for all those laughs. I also want to thank you for giving me my first glimpse at the late great Hunter S. Thompson.

Mahalo, Doc. Thank you, Bill. Peace to you and your family.


I too was inspired by your work in Where the Buffalo Roam. I respectfully request that you provide your support to the Legalization of POT.

Contact MPP or DPP or NORML



yo bill wut up u r a good actor.

Dear Bill,

If the Mistress Castlereagh expressed her wish it would be to discuss the Visual Spatial children the creative thinkers of the world in a sport mad aggresive world.

Yes I too have a pitch or two and the music is always extremely important.

We need to talk

Avalon Australia

See the URL attached for an excellent spec Screenplay in which Bill Murray would have a perfect role.

Does anyone have a number or address for contact purposes?

Hi Bill, This will sound strange, and I have no idea if you will ever read this message. And even if you do.. i know this is a very vague shot. I do not know if you have a dream/soulmate. It just happens that even before i knew your name as an actor, you had become my soulmate. I liked you in the elephant movie very much. It was only a reiteration that you were the kind of person I had visualised as my dreamsoulmate. You have been a great friend, always appearing when I needed someone, thanks for being there for me. I was in a bad shape tonite, and you were there again. I tried to look for info on the real life you. And i got goose pimples when I saw that you shared my birthday - 21st September. Just to give you some more info -- I live in India, and am was born in 1968. Thanks and I am sure you are a very good person, and I wish you (called Joe in my day dreams) a very good life and happiness always.

You want to get involved in a project that could get thousands of kids started (the right way) playing golf?
Let me hear from you.

Mr. Murray: I'm an optioned screenwriter with a script that I think you'd find interesting, and for which I believe you'd be perfect. It's a courtroom drama in which the protagonist is an aging (sorry) local prosecutor who, 25 years earlier, had served in World War Two with the unenviable task of helping clean up the carnage at a liberated Nazi concentration camp. The experience has haunted his life and shaped his stubborn obsession with justice -- a belief that is tested when he comes across a murder victim so despicable that no one else is interested in getting to the bottom of the crime.

``Inquest'' was a quarterfinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship (the Academy's amateur screenplay competition), and can be read on-line at:


I admire your movies (and your choices). Thanks for your time. km

Dear Bill Murray,

First I wood like to say that I enjoyed LOST IN TRANSLATION, But I can't. That baby blew toofoo out my nose (during the snoring). And yes I like wood, especially morning wood (if it is my own).

Remember that 13 year old girl who beat you in front of the school at your senior prom? I went to the old folks home and whipped her ass good for you. What kind of date is that anyway? You should have taken your grandma like you did the year before when you didn't did'nt graduate, again.

The more we talk the more pissed off I get!

No, That does it, I'm not going to offer you the lead in My next two blockbuster hits. I'm moving the Cable guy up from a supporting role as your Comedy companion and giving him the lead. Just stay away and stop calling me. Your Not getting in "INCEST (The night he came at Home)"
or "The Dalton Gang takes over New York".


We are having our annual auction on May 6, 2006. We are hoping you will help us out in any way you can. It is for a great cause-tuition assistance for underprivileged. Anything autographed would be great.Send to:
Gloria Mack
Loyola Academy
1100 Laramie Avenue
Wilmette, Il 60091

Dear Bill,

Can you please email me for payment details such that you can return to me the $20 I spent taking my wife to see Broken Flowers. If I had been hit by a bus and been in the Intensive Care Unit of my local hospital it would have been a more pleasurable 2 hours for myself and my wife. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


PS loved Groundhog Day

Hello! Somebody know the freephone number to send a message to Bill Murray?

Felicitas Rossi Anastasi
independent film producer

Yes, I would like to know the phone number too. Although, he might change it from all the calls. I can imagine all the calls he gets.

Like to get him to star in a spoof on the movie "The Smurfs" I think he would be great for "Gargamel"

More like a dream than reality he's probably in Hawaii. I would be there too. :)

Hello, Bill Murray are you going to be in another movie soon? I am writinig this for my 9 year old son who loves watching you in Ghostbusters. Every night we watch movie 1 or 2. No were not freaks he just loves the fact that in the movie you are normal guys that turn into super heros in the end, and the movie would not be the same with out you in it. I hope you consider being in #3. Love Ben Stiiler but he is a far cry from you.

Love Jake Iacono (and mom)

Hey, Bill. Thanks for cutting a path for all the off-centers of this world. You and Jesus.

Bill, I received your messages. Thank you for looking for me. I finished grad school am no longer at the Westbury. You are dearly missed.

Lost in transation, I fully enjoyed.

Hope this somehow get to Bill. Bill this is kind of weird, grown man trying to get in touch with an actor, but this has been on my mind since watching "A New Leaf" with Walter Matthau. I think you would be perfect in his role. How about a re-make of it?

Thanks for your time,

Chip in Colo. Springs

I don't know who screens these letters, but I really hope Bill Murray reads this eventually.
Everyone in my family loves you, Bill...or at least they love your down-to-earth characteristics.
Both of my daughters (age 23 and 20) would be overwhelmed if they could see/meet you in person. I am trying to arrange this for them as a surprise....a surprise to me too, if it happens! Is this even a possibility? I would be willing to bring them to New York...or wherever else.
I would never have to buy them any birthday presents EVER AGAIN if I accomplish this meeting. Ha!
Dianne Morris,

Dear Mr. Murray,

I don't know you, or who you are as a person outside of your public persona. However, that being said, over the past couple of weeks I've watched four of your films (I don't have a TV and watch them on my computer on the plane) - the films included "Lost City", "Lost in Translation", "Broken Flowers", and "Life Aquatic". While you didn't write them, all were both insightful and wonderfully acted.

I am writing to say thank you for the insightful and thought-provoking performances. You've brought to life a number of convincing characters.

My Grandfather always encouraged me to put money in the insturment cases of the street musicians we would pass on the streets of Chicago, saying that they enriched our lives with their art. This leter is my quarter in your insturment case.


Robert L. Blenker

PS - I wrote you a real letter, but could find no address to which I could send it.

I'm sure you get a lot of these requests, but I'm Caddie Master at Olympia Fields Country Club (south of Chicago) - & woud love to have you come out for our Caddie Banquet....all costs covered of course.
Carl Spackler, continues to be, the most quoted individual in and around the Caddie Shack (for obvious reasons).
I was a caddie myself - an Evans Scholar at University of Illinois - lived with a few caddies at U of I who caddied at Indian Hill (your old looping grounds)....
I know its a shot in the dark, but why not try, huh?
Kevin Labriola

Hi Mr. Bill Murray,

When my coworkers heard about your golfcart episode recently, they all laughed and looked at me. As teenagers, a few friends and I had taken a few golfcarts from St. Georges Golf Course in the mid-north west corner of Toronto and drove them downtown and back. Sure, we were drunk too. I got ratted out to the police by some pals whose party (and front lawns) we crashed with the carts. At one point I was "side-sliding" out onto a quite middle-of-the-night throughfare. Side-sliding is when you as going so fast on a corner that your golfcart tips onto its flat side, 90 degrees to the road, and you have to hold on tight and not laugh too much. when the cartrt slows down it usually falls back onto its wheels. Good times. My favourite movie of yours is Groundhog Day. Assholes and idiots should be forced to watch it until they understand the message within the movie. Next time you're in Toronto, look me up. Cheers!

We should hang out some time.

Hi Bill,

I have been telling my girlfriends for years that I would love to meet you, so here goes. Would you be interested in being our guest at the Delaware Make-A-Wish Golf Outing? I can guarantee you great golf for the one day event and I'll get you on another course that is VERY challenging.

D. Ross

People are reminded that "Murray’s only contact with the film business is through a freephone number" apparently, so, as entertaining as these comments are, you're pretty unlikely to get hold of him on this site!

Apparently the moderator here doesn't actually...moderate these comments, so I'd like to add this warning in big bold letters before someone else does something stupid:


OK-Here goes!! My name is Jay Metcalfe and I am currently married to Jane Williams, ex-wife of Charles Williams, mother of Cabell Williams, who all, including her sister Anna, owned the home at Smith Mountain Lake where "What about Bob?" was filmed. Wow, I am out of breath.
The oldest daughter Cabell, my God/Step daughter is getting married in Sept. of '09, and I thought it would be a great idea if she and her husband could receive a congratulatory card from Mr. Murray.
Nothing more.
This is not a crank message and if he is willing I can provide you with names addresses etc.
We have a great picture of he and Cabell and he appears very stoic in a "GO TO HELL" baseball cap decorated with beads and such, and he looks like he belongs in the French Foreign Legion.

Many Thanks-

Jay Metcalfe
[address removed for privacy]


You're not going to get hold of Bill Murray via this website. In fact, the whole point of this post was that:

"Murray’s only contact with the film business is through a freephone number. If people need to talk to him - perhaps producers who want him to star in a film - they have to call the number and leave a message. (Of course, they have to find the number first.)"

So.... good luck finding the number.

I'm decorating a "Bill Murray" themed christmas tree this year and I really need some real info about you!! Favorite color, movie, animal, food, any pets, etc??

Anything would help. You're the best!


This page has obviously laid untouched for a good while.

Dear Bill Murry,

Love all the films espeically Ghost Chase.

Will you attend my funeral and sing the theme tune to British medical drama 'Casualty'?

Please say you will?

All the best,

B. Turd

Bill, my bowel movements have been infrequent but gigantic in size. I thought the last one would kill me as it took a full 15 minutes to squeeze it out.

After all of that pain and suffering is it wrong to be emotionally attached to it?

By the way I loved you in Silence of the Lambs.

Bill...any interest in backing an all american professional baseball team that may join an independent league in Japan? Looking for sponsorship/ownership. I know your love of baseball runs deep and this is a pretty incredible opportunity.

That was a neat trick, you know ... "How to contact Bill Murray".

You're (an) asshole(s).

Jom, this page doesn't offer any promise of "How to contact Bill Murray", and in fact explains that more than once. You diminish yourself with your rudeness, not others.

Hi Bill. I am a big fan. I am writing you on behalf of Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná. It is one of the best golf resorts in the Czech Republic, only one which hosts PGA European Tour from 18th -22nd of August 2010. I would like to invite you to come to this beautiful part of Czech Republic during this time. Play some golf, relax, maybe play round with the best golfers in the Pro Am Tournament, drink the best beer in the Word etc. Of course, expenses and accommodation will be paid. Well, just let me know what do you think. Thank you. Pavel

hey dad its your son tony. we havent met yet, but dont worry i forgive you.
people always ask me where my dad is and i point to the t.v. and say "in there"!
you are a good dad every time i needed you i just had to turn on the t.v. and you were always there. although the d.v.d. you is a lot easier to manage.

anyways i have a good idea for a movie for you and me. i laugh every time i think of it, especially your expression when your in your robe at the door in one of the scenes. i"ve written a lot of stuff but i don"t want to give it to anyone because majority of people are dooshbags.
i live in a cabin in the woods, its on the ocean. its a bee farm. i stepped on a python then got in a pig fight after the dogs started it then almost bit by a crocodile. there's no a.c. and no cable so i spend a lot of time outside. i ate shrooms and woke up in a canoe one day out in front of the cabin.
oh and there's a big panther that lives behind the cabin and she always brings me pigs feet and leaves them outside the door!
guess she likes me. needless to say i shit in a bucket inside the cabin now. was realy nice by the water but id hate to be the guy half malled by a panther while shitting in a bucket by the water. or maybe not! guess it be pretty funny.

i know im not big hollywood yet don't realy care to be although it be cool to play baseball with you or get high on a golf cart. and i don't have any big connections to get the 800 number. well i do id just hate to bother them. so heres my number 561-932-6236 thats my number. look forward to hearing from you

love, your unkown son.


Yawn!!...Another self important actor with an egomaniacal personality. Mr. Murray may be an actor, but he's not a star or a hero. "A real star is the U.S. soldier who was sent to disarm a bomb next to a road north of Baghdad. He approached it, and the bomb went off and killed him."

"The stars who deserve media attention are not the ones who have lavish weddings on TV but the ones who patrol the streets of Mosul even after two of their buddies were murdered and their bodies battered and stripped for the sin of trying to protect Iraqis from terrorists."

Bill Murray, like most successful actors, is just some schmo lucky enough to win a part that actually makes money, much like a lottery ticket.

" Think of each and every fireman who was running up the stairs at the World Trade Center as the towers began to collapse. Now you have my idea of a real hero. "

Hi Bill: My name is Katherine Harkness and I am writing to you because I understand that you will becoming to the Toronto Film Festival. I am a member at St Georges Golf club, which hosted the 2010 Canadian open. I would like to invite you to play St. Georges while you are in Toronto. This will be very private and not for public consumption. Hope you can make it. Regards, Katherine Harkness

Dear Bill Murray,

My name is John McNerney and my dad is Doctor Joseph McNerney D.O.; i keep hearing stories of your friendship with him and how you've actually tried to give him your number, he saw that it was an 800 number and thought you were just being "typical bill being a dick and sending me to some stupid phone service" (in his words). come to find out, it is actually your number, anyways moral of the story is he has no way to contact you and sucks with computers so im doing it and i think it would be cool if you guys would hang out again, maybe not see a concert or a des moines high school football game but, just talk im sure theres a lot to discuss. (we live in michigan now btw)

I am a film producer in the Chicago area and am interested in getting in touch with Bill regarding a part in a film this summer. Our website is www.emeritusproductions.com and the film is called "Killing Poe". If anyone knows how to reach Bill (the latest and most likely to be successful way), please feel free to contact me.

Dear Bill,

I request that you become ordained so you can marry my boyfriend and I. We live in Canada. I'll pay for your online ordainage but require you pay for the flight (negotiable..). Booze, food included and perhaps a tent or maybe a bed in a clean home (im willing to work something out).

Please email me if you're interested: aswanson@sfu.ca

Thank you,
Amy and Ian.

Hey Bill,

We're hosting the Brian Novotny 9-11 Memorial Golf Outing May 20th at NY Country Club near your home in Rockland. Love to have you as a guest of the family. Get back to me.....

Bill Novotny

Mr. Bill Murray,
As I filter thru my mothers belongings, @ the same time I look up @ the TV on 6-1-2011 and you are a guest on David Letterman - you seem to be a Jockey riding a "bulhormule"? Well I just thought it was ironic timing bcause my mother Margaret Showerman, was the Hostess @ "The Willow on Wagner" Resterant, located in Glenview, Illinois. Yum the Spagetti Augratun, Ribs, Chicken. I just wanted to say a sincere Thank You, for being kind, sweet, and real... She spoke of you often through the years and when I saw you on Late Nite.. I just hope you will have the opportunity to receive this greatful Thanks - Mom appreciated your humor as I do also. You may not get this, hoping you will...Be Safe,Love, Laugh,and Cheers... Colleen Musick

Bill - hey

If you are ready for me, please email a comment. I am kinda shy.

(A long time ago I saw you, and you stood next to me. You looked into my eyes, and spoke to me at that Columbus printing store. I thought it might be/was you.)

Thank you

Bill Murray Exhibition
65 Henderson Street

01.03.12 to 01.05.12

movies shown on the opening night from 5pm

Dear Bill

A good friend of mine recently met Dan Akroyd in London at the UK launch of his Crystal Skull vodka. At the launch, my friend discussed the horrendous rumour that Ghostbusters III may be in the pipeline, and listed a number of reasons why this should never, ever occur. At the end of the good natured chat, he managed to get Dan to sign a bottle of the Crystal Skull vodka, with an accompanying message that said 'I will never make G.B IV'.

In order to trump this piece of legally binding memorabilia, I require a similar message from you regarding G.B III on whichever writable material of your choice.

Hopefully you'll stumble across this in the vast land of cyberspace; and if you do, please get in touch.

Best wishes


Hi Bill just a quick comment here . . . You have to do ghostbusters 3 due 2 the fact there must be millions of women who like myself have been maddly in love with you since the 1st time I ever saw you when I was 5 in Stripes. So to continue this my request is due to the fact - & I fully understand your reasoning for not wanting to do it but and I quote "We're an American!" is why you need to do it not for the money and not for the fame, or anything that you may think. But for us your fans after 9/11 our souls were left heartbroken and the reality of our government leaves us feeling unloved that is why I request and that you are the only 1 who can give your die hard fans something to belive in . . . ghostbusting. Please Mr. murry dont let the child inside me die. I love you . . . always have, always will. Salli Baby in Ca. U.S.A.

JOHN A. TATOIAN ESQ, is a true piece of shit how dare you say what you did on here. Apparently some1 failed to tell you to watch "LOOSE CHANGE" Bill is a Hero and we are fully aware he is an actor & its a pretend but he is a hero dispite the firefighters who died in 9/11 I think the government called them statistics and I belive they were more then just heros they were poor unfortunate misslead ppl who were unaware although they put the fires out the builing exploded from below them. Thats not Bill Murrys fault why in the hell are you posting crud on here Blameing him. He isnt the military who kindly whistled and looked the other direction. you need to open your eyes John, and leave dam good American Comedians alone. oh and ask for our BOYS over seas pick that fact up ok our BOYS are dieing or being exposed to the harsh reality of torture or death is ok in the eyes of the lord as long as its for your governments ill gottin gain.

Salli; Although you are free to post profane ad hominem attacks on my character, I would suggest you obtain an education in the basics of English spelling & grammar;) God Bless.;)

Love this article... Bill Murray is an ori
ginal and awesome!!

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