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February 03, 2005


I am proudfoundly deaf and 18 years old. i come from England. i have been always interested in those 23 Tintin Comics and i have been reading since i were little girl in 1991. every saturdays i went to town in WHSmiths store to collect them. i do think Herge the french artist is very good artist the imagination all the comics books that i read. Overall i got four comics books left to read but i can't find anywhere to collect them. i would like to buy those comic books to recover the suject matter. i have learned so many things within that artist Herge. i would like to say thank you to whoever pusbished them, it has been very useful to me with my deafness to enjoy with reading with my slient ears. i am hoping to able to hear your reply.

Many thanks
Lucy Roberts (Student)

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