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March 11, 2005


I am an intern at Westchester Magazine and would greatly appreciate any information about how you were able to contact Don DeLillo for your interview. My editor would like to have any contact information that might be available. Please email me at the above address. Thank you.


Corinne, we have no contact with or details for anyone featured in "How we work" - the material is all quoted from interviews, articles and other information that are freely available on the internet. The best thing with authors is to write to their publisher of course, or see if they have a personal website (many don't).

My name is kimberly and i am looking to try and contact Mr. DeLillo. My great great grandma was Elisa DiFiore. My grandma's name is gloria leghart and she has been telling us stories for years about the family and i was hoping to contact don DeLillo in hopes that he would be available to give her a call. She is in not so great of health and i was hoping to lift her spirits. Please if you can help or guide me in the right direction. Thank you
kimberly leghart

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