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November 07, 2005


So now you will be choosing books or editions of books based on the spine colour?

however, very beautiful.


The Guardian's Culture Vulture post on book sorting sparks a spirited debate.

for Rod!!

I disregard arbitrary visceral interpretations
deliberately, since observing wildly eccentric
readings. Belligerent youth announce many simple
evolutionary nuances determining incidental notions,
guarded yearnings or unifying assumptions. Can any
sense ultimately advance labor metaphorae? Eventually
sooth sayers are given equal official footing; since
if malign properties lie equal; fanciful rhetoric
infects, even negates dry studious hardship…in

I really Loved the picture, and ill like to buy it in high definition. Im from México.

THe picture that im in love is: Books by colour, blurred

Israel, I give you permission to simply take the large sized version of that image at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rodcorp/60832830/sizes/o/ - it's not high resolution but it's the largest I've got.

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