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March 16, 2006


> No mention of Chris Burden curiously.

Nor Stelarc

I saw Stelarc in the links on the Channel 4 page, so I figured that I must have nodded off whilst they'd mentioned him.

I loved the first 2 episodes, particularly bad art for bad people....I would like to get a copy if possible?

Tom, you'd have to contact C4 I guess. Or look on the internet (youtube? bittorrent?) for online copies of the shows.

The shows have been posted on uknova

Just caught most of the is bad art for bad people repeat...has anyone got a list of the artists and pieces shown please?

could anone email me the name off the artist and the works title of the video of the chocolate mess thing, they guy chokeing on brown fluid etc, i think it was meled chocolate, and the mad burger chef with the sauces etc, what are the titles and names of the artist please?

my email is justinr714@aol.com, any help would be apreciated.


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