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April 30, 2006


Hi - Really liked the Masochuticon piece. What I find interesting is that the meditation on ephemera, and working notes seems like you working out concepts that you might use in another story. So the piece might be an offcut itself of something yet to be written ?

Hey Russ,

I suppose both the 'Fracture' piece described above and the later 'Several inches were cut' piece on Masochuticon are about the margins, edges, offcuts. An offcut in advance of a future body of work - a pre-supplement as it were - is a very nice idea... hmmm.

If I can clumsily attempt to suture together both stories, it's by citing Duchamp, who did a artwork called 'In advance of the broken arm'.

And I only just noticed your story, up at http://russcoff.typepad.com/russcoff/2007/04/chapter_one_par.html - it's on the list to read.

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