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April 27, 2006


The simplicity of the 'macguffin' in this movie (is that the right term?) makes me think of the simple conceits behind each of Calvino's Invisible Cities...

It would be quite cool to do "Jerry Bruckheimer and Italo Calvino present: 100 Ends of The World" - each simple, generative terrifying, relentless armageddon presented in widescreen Magically-Real CataclymsoVision.

What a brilliant idea! Edited into catatrophic wallpaper like Powaspocalypsii. Lets write a pitch for BBC4/More4.

Would be nice if there were some mundane tropes too. Jack Bauer stars in #34 My Cellphone Battery Died, So I Couldn't Stop The Terrorists Releasing That Virus (sponsored by... :) ) ... Actually I think Stephen King's new novel has this form. Zombie apocalypse!: the world gets zombified via their mobiles.

By the way - by the magical powers of the internet (and the fine folks of a private forum I belong to) I think this is your movie:


wow thanks. yes, that's it!

PS: Monster Shack's page has moved to http://www.monstershack.net/reviews/full/monolith.php

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