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December 27, 2006


More photos:

Brixton too, and more artfully:

I don't dislike street art / graffiti, in fact I document what I see, and enjoy it for what it is. But I do however find in this instance the unwanton and totally gratuitious destruction of property to be completely disgusting. Graffiti is one thing, but to destroy LED signs and Tube Maps? And if they really wanted to say something about public transport and the issues with it, why not destroy the entire system?

If this is their way of getting back at British Transport Police, then they need to get a life, becuase this has not only increased the stakes in a game to catch them, but they have also destroyed property to an extent that it makes it harder for tube users to get by - as if using the northern line every day wasn't bad enough.

I agree with art for art's sake, but i also agree that they can enjoy the long arm of the law, which no one is beyond!

PS> If this is banksy, i will eat my shirt!

It does look like a reaction to the BTP's anti-vandalism statements and campaign over Christmas rather than a commentary on public transport, and yes it's a shame: public money wasted, and the public less certain that their public transport, such as it is, is managed well and safely.

Apparently they walked down the tracks to Camden Town when the tube was shut on Christmas day.

(I think your shirt is safe.)

I agree with the level of the surprise. It's amzing that it hasn't happened to such an extent before and I really hope there aren't going to be graffiti wars. We're lucky the station isn't being closed really - Northern Line has enough problems without this.

I think that this a bold statement saying that graffiti artist will never stop.. no matter how much they are threatened, I think they will allways be around.

I think if their is a "graffiti war" then it hasnt started yet... and that this maybe the beginning. However i think people are forgetting that this has been going on for along time and althought it doesnt usually get the press coverage i think now more than every we really will see the graffit on t.v and newspapers.

Also lets watch the p.r. spins on graffiti and how that this is the cause for all the crap services we have to put up with. LOL.... graffiti artists dont make the trains late... its the crap people trying to run the service that do. Also graffiti artist dont put prices up.. ken livingston and the people at the top make your life hell... WHAT next... a congestion charge on the trains??? and let me gues????...it was the graffit's fault???


Cheers for the link to my post, comments and photos in your update, but I just wanted to clarify on this:

"...but is making the point that an appeal to value on aesthetic grounds is pointless"

I do believe there is inherent value in the graffiti at Camden Town station. I just found the whole art-not-art debate to be pointless. Art resists easy definition.

I did a double-take as I was rushing for the tube to spirit me away for to my holiday on Boxing Day: good grief! The kind of graffiti to be found on platform 1 at Brixton was definitely more mess than art. It seems to have been cleaned off by the time I got back too, which begs the question: why did they bother? I'm all for graffiti as long as it's well designed or thought-provoking, but TFL are never going to let large pieces stay on Underground platforms, no matter how eye-catching or stimulating they are. Better for these graffers to sharpen up their style and take it above ground, methinks.

The taggers only did this because it is fun to break into the arch enemy of graffiti (BTP) and get one over. The style is not too good , but they get props for having the guts to do it. The political statement is an after thought and not planned. Once the taggers were inside the station, it is the obvious signs of a totalitarian government, i.e. their signs. which provoked outrage at the contradiction of the government in its control of public spaces. i.e signs.

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