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January 21, 2007


Sigh. I needed you with me when I visited this. Knew nothing about him and had my senses dulled by a lunchtime glass of wine or three. So much potential and I entirely missed the point.

Well, next time you have free time we'll go see the three or so that are in London. And immediately on to Madrid to see the rest of them and several that didn't come to London, including The Feast of Bacchus (in which Bacchus looks quite a lot like Rob Annable), The Spinners, and what could be THE WORLD'S BEST PAINTING, Las Meninas.

(... OK, one of the best anyway. Brueghel, Manet and Picasso did some good paintings too. And others. Hmmm, must do a my top five artists/artworks post.)

A list I'd love to see. Got to be some Carravagio in there surely?

Oooh, it's really difficult to choose - so much good art. Duchamp, Manet, Velazquez will probably make the cut. Bacon, Beuys, Brueghel, Caravaggio, Cezanne, Ernst, Goya, Holbein, Picasso, Rembrandt, Ruscha, maybe...

I'll have a think.

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