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February 17, 2007


I completely agree with your comments.

Monocle presents in-depth, diverce and "sans langue de bois" content. The format is quite heavy ... read what interest you ... and then, when bored by the metro, read the rest ... and get surprised!

Now, I am just wondering if these guys will managed to achieve one year publishing with less than 30% ad's income. So, let’s see next month issue if subscribing worth it !

It seems someone has created a video review of the first issue.

I picked up the first edition yesterday and have not been able to put it out of my head! It is simply a fabulous magazine. I read the whole magazine in one sitting at a coffee den and forthwith ran to my laptop to find out more about it.

10 points etc. for the publication.

I think issue 3 has just come out in the UK. Haven't got to the end of issue 2 though...

I agree with your review about the magazine.

For it to be successful however, they really need to work on establishing their readership base. Their subscription plan doesn't offer much of an incentive (for 10 issues plus internet access you pay 75 pounds, considering that each issue is only 5 pounds!)

As a concept Monocle is great. As a magazine, it doesn't quite work. If I had to peg it, I'd call it a fashion variety magazine, but the topics covered tend to be too deep for the casual rag reader. However, the depth of coverage tends to be too shallow for the serious reader. I think they could fix this by dedicating more time to each featured story, maybe spreading each topic out over several stories and several issues, and thereby making it more of the learning experience that it's pretending to be for its readers and less of a thing its readers feel more pleased to port around than actually read.

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