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August 25, 2007


I shall make a note of every metaphor I use this week and see what the result is. I suspect the answer is ALL OF THEM.

As for postcards, what happened to your address? They turned out quite nicely, look:


they seem to make use of a lot of terms cribbed from biology and other life sciences... buildings have "skins", "skeletons"; cities can "breathe" and have a "pulse", etc. architecture, being as old an idea as it is, has a lot of its own specialized language (I have not seen terms like "mortise" or "gusset" used metaphorically elsewhere, for example) but the only thing older than living in something you built is living, period. so yeah.

My own architectural experience is of flows and circulation, some words possibly sourced from plumbing but more likely biology as well. (Software likes a biological metaphor too, especially in security - viruses etc).

But then the language is also of stories and narrative, rhetorical devices used to explain processes in the abstract. Because your building is a vessel for other people's activities, so the thing itself is a metaphor for what's happening there.

Interesting to see Joshua Prince-Ramus speak about the Seattle public library, which he asserts is literally a representation of the org chart, let alone a metaphor: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/49 So how about business as a metaphor for architecture?

Has anybody got any ideas about the software used to create the virtual tour for the Seattle Library?

It uses a 3D model in the foreground to assist with navigation.

Great site, thanks in advance!

Wow - Old Arsene is quite the academic. If only he could apply his gigantic brain to work out why his team hasn't had a holding midfield player for 4 seasons then he might actuallly win something.

Interesting post by the way - thanks especially for the link to the Zidane piece, ive seen the film but haven't had it dissected in such an interesting manner.

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