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September 12, 2007


I have absolutely no idea what you thought of the event or any of the speakers.

Well, partly I was trying to exemplify the point about performativity obscuring the complexity of design situations, but clearly I have demonstrated Matt's rather harsh self-criticism and been a bit more opaque than intended.

Ok. Mostly the content was really good, though I didn't think I learned much that was new, probably because I'm quite immersed in this stuff already and have had the pleasure of talking to you and others at the pub about this kind of stuff for ages. I hope you'll be posting your talk/slides. The content was engaging though: I wanted to branch the talks off into more info on WW2 planes (Cameron), and why do adverts not work without sound? (Matt), and when is the first button ever? (Peter), and... etc.

The speaker performances were excellent. The freewheeling, nervy Coates style works very well on stage. My top three were you, Matt and Denise/George (but I am always slightly biased towards people I already know and like).

I enjoyed it more as a social event than a learning event, and that's not a problem for me - it was very good to spend time with friends and meet new ones, and I thought Brighton was on good, welcoming form.

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