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January 08, 2008


The above is the output of the small hours, when insomnia visits with her spiky fingers.


Dragon's Den. Double dare you.

Lets face it Dragons Den is the way forward here. It can't be any more harmful than a pepperami standard or extra hot, and I for one would invest £5 for 84% of your company.

Salt Lick
I've heard of this before, only now do I know how you'd make it... Salt Licks are used for cattle etc to provide extra minerals for there diet. I have seem them in the real! It's hard compact stuff, and last ages... Cows tongue is rough like sandpaper. So you'd need to male the spoon from this stuff.

I'm interested in developing this product!
Permission to act foolishly in the pursuit white elephant economics

Wiki article

Yes salt licks, exactly. And of course the business plan would need to be governed by Tarboshean white elephant economics, yes. (And do you remember that we first mentioned the idea of biscuits for beer at that cafe on Unter den Linden in Berlin?)

... and by dog-leg accountancy practices.

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