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March 12, 2008


The interpunct is also used in word processors and text editors as the character for a space when you've got "show invisibles" on. I know some people like the rhythm of having them appear between characters on screen.

That's a very good point Tom.

So the interpunct is the character that never has a stable meaning, visibility or use: pretty much from birth it's loaded with a different meaning in Greek writing, then is cut later to be replaced with a space in Roman lettering, then reappeared in modern typography, and was co-opted into science writing. Finally we come come full circle as it reappears in text processing as a mark of the invisible borders between words when we look closely, as if through xray spectacles...

agreed and disagreed, yes indeed, all around, until finally...Hegelian dialectical jouissance!

but seriously, I enjoyed this blog as it certainly provides a factual narrative, a strain of reality likely to positively serve that rare seeker of interpunctness·or·is·it·interpunctitude

[disclosure: since 2006, I the author of this comment, through an odd flash of inspiration, have lain personal though nonexclusive claim to "·" as a nom de plume/nom de son art.]

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