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June 06, 2008


Heya - Amazon ASINs are not the modern equivalent - they're just the ISBN, although since the advent of ISBN13s, the 10-digit ASINs have stayed as ISBN10s, making ASINs in favct the old equivalent of ISBNs.

As you can see, building bkkeepr has made me even more of a bkgeek...

Hi James, thanks for the correction.

I was partly thinking about the fact that it's a shame that ISBNs, whilst unique, aren't themselves urls.

As I probably would go to Amazon to find out an ISBN, I was imagining just throwing the url (rather than typing the ISBN) into bkkeepr, or even using a bkkeepr bookmarklet to "send this book to bkkeepr".

Haven't tried the service yet but look forward to shortly (i'm rod on twitter). It's a really nice idea, well done.

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